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Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation

Trade Professionals gets you in touch with reputable solar panel installation engineers providing a professional solar panel installation service. As a serious investment, a solar panel installation can save you a lot of money in the long run. They can also boost the value of your house, save you hundreds on fuel bills, and you can even earn money from them!

There are various government incentives and schemes to help those considering installing solar panels. Solar energy is eco-friendly, and will lower your carbon footprint, helping to stop global warming. With so many good benefits, its no wonder why installing solar panels is getting so popular. The national network of skilled installers are committed to providing an exceptional service, and they would be pleased to advise you on the solar panel installation cost and benefits.

Solar Panels

So why should you consider solar panels installed? There is a vast range of benefits that solar panels provide, which have made them more and more popular in recent years. Perhaps the best reason to get solar panels for your home is for the financial advantages. This type of renewable energy can not only save you money on bills, but it can also allow you to earn money too.

Solar panel technology has been known to last longer than 25 years, with an average saving of £500 a year on energy bills. Over 25 years, that's a lot of savings! Not only will this provide you with a free source of energy, but it will also help you to avoid the rising price of gas and electricity. Asides from significant savings on fuel bills, the government has a feed-in tariff scheme. This is provided to anyone who generates their own renewable energy, like with solar panels. You will get payments from your energy supplier for generating your own electricity, but you can also sell any additional energy you don't need back to the suppliers. Under the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), if you have a solar water heating system, you could also get payments from the government.

There are many government schemes in place that will help you to earn and save money with solar panels. Another financial advantage is that a source of renewable energy can add value to your house, and is highly appealing to potential buyers. It is important to do your research first to learn how much you could save, and what you are eligible for. The solar panel installers will be more than happy to help you take advantage of financial incentives.

Of course, there are other reasons to get solar panels at your house. Having an independent source of electricity available to you can provide important energy security.Often referred to as the 'fit and forget' type of electricity, solar panels are simple to care for. As long as they have direct sunlight, you won't have to think about them.Last but not least, one of the main reasons for the rise of solar energy is that it is an eco-friendly source of renewable energy. This form of energy can help you to minimise your carbon footprint, and effectively fight global warming. For those wanting to do their part to preserve Earth, solar panels can have a big impact.

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Solar PV Panels and installers
Solar PV Panels and installers

The solar PV panel companies understand that investing in this type of renewable energy is a big decision, and that having a solar panel in the UK can be a big investment. So they are happy to provide guidance that will help you to make an informed decision, and to get the most out of your solar panels. The experts can help you to take advantage of government incentives, including opportunities for funding.

Installing solar PV panels is good financial investment for commercial properties and businesses, and the tradesmen are able to install panels for offices and public buildings, to name just a few instances. At the start of the service, the knowledgeable local tradesmen can visit your property to survey the area, and plan where the solar panels can be installed, how many you can have, and how long the installation should take. After this is done, they will offer a final quote, and make sure you are happy to go ahead.

The solar panel installers in the UK can source the relevant materials, and will aim to finish your installation as soon as possible, without compromising on quality of workmanship. Once everything is properly fitted and completed, the experts will be sure to provide guidance on how your solar panels operate, how you can look after them, and any other details you may wish to know. Then all you need to do is sit back and relax, as you enjoy the advantages of solar panels, and save money on your electricity bills!

Book your initial survey for fitting domestic solar PV panels with the local experts now. Simply complete the form on the right with your enquiry and contact details. You can anticipate competitive quotes via email or phone soon.

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Can my house have solar panels?
There are a variety of factors that will decide whether you are eligible for solar panel installation. Listed buildings, buildings in conservation areas, and buildings in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty will not be allowed to install solar panels. However, usually solar panels can be fitted without any problem. It is a good move to talk to any neighbours first, and get in touch with your local planning authority too.
What kind of roof is suitable for installing solar panels?
UK solar panels can be installed on a roof or wall, as long as it is within 90 degrees of the South. This guarantees that it is facing strong sunlight. Solar panels are weighty, so your wall or roof needs to be durable. The panels also need to be free of any obstructions, such as trees.
Will the solar panels look out of place?
Solar panels are common enough that they do not look too noticeable. Nowadays there are many different types of solar panels available, in all sizes, shapes, and even colours. Grey or transparent ones are available, for example, so you can get ones that suit your roof.